Fishing Deep Spinnerbaits for Fall Bass

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Bass often relate to deeper water cover (standing timber, submerged weedbeds, rock piles, brush piles, etc.) at both the beginning and end of the fall period. In both cases, these bass typically feed on available baitfish such as shad, herring down south and shiners, perch and bluegills in northern areas…

spinnerbaits for fall bass

When bass are holding around these deeper types of cover, the spinnerbait can be an excellent lure choice to probe through cover due to its snagless design and general appearance like a small group of bait…

Take a moment and listen to Lake Fork guide Stephen Fatherree describe his approach to the proper equipment and the presentations he uses to catch deep water fall bass using spinnerbaits!

Have you added spinnerbaits to your early and late fall bass lure arsenal yet? 🙂

RAH Tackle Gear Un-boxing Plus 1st Impressions

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Being a frugal angler (sometimes at least!), I am always on the lookout for deals on fishing tackle, especially inexpensive but decent quality rod, reels and baits..

RAH Tackle wacky rig bass.I recently because aware of a family-owned, Florida-based online retailer with a growing list of relatively inexpensive products Continue reading