Why Crawfish Change Colors

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Most of us have walked the shorelines of our local pond and streams, flipped over a few rocks then suddenly see a crawfish or two scurry away.

why crawfish change colors

When that happened, did you ever notice that the color patterns of the different crawfish are often different?

I know I have thinking it was simply a color change to help the crawfish blend in with the environment and escape detection of roaming predators…

Well according to bass pro Michael Murphy, it’s actually a little more complicated than that as he explains in the following short video… enjoy!

So I guess the next time I am working a crawfish bite, I’ll pay a little more attention to the water clarity, presence of vegetation, etc. to help select the best bait color for those conditions!

Crank the Contours for Transitioning Bass

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Anytime you are bass fishing during a cool/cold water transition period, focusing your presentations on the right type of structure and cover will help you catch more bass…

cranking the contours for bass

During these transitions, bass often use Continue reading

Bass Fishing – Targeting Bass on the Points

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Bass Fishing – Targeting Bass on the Points
By Kevin Sewell

Fishing points can help you put more bass in the boat. Points will usually hold some bass on any given day throughout the year. Some of these spots will produce better in the spring and fall while others will produce in the summer and winter. There are definitely some things that you should know to help you catch more fish.

During the spring and fall, bass will be transitioning Continue reading