Fishing Football Jigs for Summer Bass

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Well the song may state that “Summertime and the livin’ is easy” but that’s not necessarily the case for bassin’ during the summer…

fishing football jigs in summer

Once the post spawn has ended and summer swings into full gear, many bass recede from the shallows and take up residence around deeper water cover and structure…

One of the more effective baits and presentations (dragging & stroking) to reach those deep summer bass…

Working a football jig through or around deep cover as described by Elite Series Pro, Matt Lee in this informative video…

Definitely a few great points to think about 🙂

Prepping for Tournament Success

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It has been over half a century since organized fishing tournaments (bass, walleye, crappie, etc.) not only secured a foothold in the fishing world but exploded in popularity across the country as well as many parts of the globe…

fishing tournament success

Today’s tournament arena spans across many different species, water types, age groups and even different types of vessels giving anyone with a desire to compete, the opportunity to do so…

Though getting access to tournaments is relatively easy, what does it Continue reading

Springtime is Soft Stickbait Time

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Spring is coming and it will soon be time to start throwing one of my favorite baits, the soft stick bait!

springtime soft stick-bait bass

To me, the versatility in rigging methods and retrieves used with the soft stickbait makes it one of the most effective baits throughout the season starting in early spring 🙂

As spring progresses, bass move Continue reading