Adapting the Mister Twister Poc’it Fry for the NED Rig

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When I first started learning about the “NED Rig” by reading articles and watching videos by bass anglers from the Midwest Finesse fishing group, it instantly got my attention…

NED rig hacks

Here is a rig incorporating two of my favorite fishing baits, soft stick baits and light wire, finesse style jig and worm rigs. I just had to try it and try it I did starting with my first outings of 2015. The results were quick; the NED rig helped me connect with the first several fish of last season like the one shown above!

How sweet is that?

Since most variations of the NED rig use a short (< 3″) soft stick bait that typically contains salt on a mushroom-style jighead, the stick bait usually has to be tweaked to reduce the salt content. This allows the bait to stand almost vertical off the bottom when letting the bait rest on a swim and pause retrieve or anytime the rig is dead-sticked…

(Bonus link to cool article on >> NED rig retrieves <<)

Fortunately I found a great bait made by Mister Twister, the Poc’it Fry which is molded without the use of salt so the bait tends to stand vertically straight out of the package!

Listen to the following video and see what I mean 🙂


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