Basics of Sonar & Fish Finders – Three Part Series

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I remember the days when I bought that first “fish finder” unit for my boat years and year ago (let’s just say well before Facebook or the Internet 😉 … It was a Garcia flasher and I read the manual cover to cover but was really left feeling like I wanted more …

Now that we have entered the info age and all we have to do is a quick search to find all the “knowledge” we want, how “easy?” life has become!

garmin fish finder

I came across a series of three articles describing the basics of sonar and using Fish Finders on the Thundermist Lure Company website and thought it would be great to add the links to a “Note” for everyone to access …

So here you are .. Sonar Basics – Parts 1 – 3:

Enjoy 🙂

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