Bass Fishing – Targeting Bass on the Points

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Bass Fishing – Targeting Bass on the Points
By Kevin Sewell

Fishing points can help you put more bass in the boat. Points will usually hold some bass on any given day throughout the year. Some of these spots will produce better in the spring and fall while others will produce in the summer and winter. There are definitely some things that you should know to help you catch more fish.

During the spring and fall, bass will be transitioning from deeper water to shallower water. At these times of the year, you can expect to do well on the secondary points that are back in the bays or coves. Before the spawn, staging fish can be found on these secondary points. Some of the biggest females are caught in these spots before they actually move onto the beds for spawning time. Some spots will hold numerous fish, making it a little bit easier for you.

During the summer and winter, secondary points will still hold some fish and even some big bass, but the main lake points are usually the best places to target the bigger bass. You can also find some nice schools of fish on the main lake points, especially if there is any type of current. In the summer, you have to factor in the thermocline. Points that drop off quickly are more productive, but the fish are going to be suspended on the thermocline. The depth will be different depending on the lake, but expect to find bass in the 15 to 25 foot range. Jigging spoons usually work well to trigger a reaction strike in this deep water.

In the winter, bass will be holding in deeper water and they may come onto the points to feed. A few warm days during the winter can trigger a feeding spree, but the fish will most likely be very deep, so try to find points that have deep water nearby.

All points are not created equal. On most lakes, there are many points to choose from. Points that have weed growth, wood, quick drop offs, boat docks or any other type of natural or manmade cover will usually hold more fish. Something as subtle as one point having bigger boulders falling into the water than the other point can hold many more fish. Find out what works for you and make sure to remember what points work best during each specific season. You will be able to use this information on many different bodies of water that you fish.

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