Bottom Fluttering Chatterbaits

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Chatterbaits, A.K.A. bladed swim jigs, are probably best known as a cool water bait or one that is most effective when fishing around submerged vegetation…

bottom fluttering chatterbaits

When used around soft forms of cover, many if not most bass anglers employ a straight or pulsed retrieve in the upper to middle part of the water column. More sophisticated chatterbait anglers may also use a “slow-rolling” retrieve to work the bait through bottom cover…

But did you realize that fluttering or bottom bouncing a chatterbait off the bottom can be highly effective too?

Take a moment and listen to FLW pro Brian Latimer explain why a bottom fluttering retrieve is rapidly becoming one of his favorite presentations when fishing a chatterbait,,,

Definitely a new chatterbait presentation I will use the next time I am on the water … how about you?

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