Carting Your Bass Fishing Gear Around Shoreline

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For all of the bass anglers out there that spend any significant time slinging your favorite bass baits from shore, lugging the gear around can be a hassle!

Most of us use a combination of bag for tackle, rods in hand and maybe a cooler on wheels to get our gear from here to there…

Over the years, I noticed a number of different cart options being produced for saltwater beach or pier anglers but they tended to be a little on the pricey side ($300 & up) for the occasional shore fisherman…

Last year, one of the leading tackle innovation companies, Berkley, introduced a line of fishing carts at the I-CAST show in Las Vegas. With priced ranging from $90 and up, it seems Berkley may have just released a perfect solution as bass pro Mike Iaconelli discusses in the following video…

Though Ike talks about using it for surf fishing applications, it’s easy to see where one of these carts could easily work for the shore-bound bass angler too!

Check out the different models available via the Amazon E-store by clicking on the link below:

Berkley Carts @ Amazon


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