Catch More Bass Using Suspending Jerkbaits

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Many bass fishermen have been throwing minnow baits for instance Rogues and XPS Minnows since their first days of bass fishing. Though initially designed as either a floating or sinking bass bait, many savvy angler almost instantly figured out a little adjustment to these jerkbaits produces a bait that can be more effectively fished at intervening depths.

spring jerkbait fishing

Once tweaked, the enhanced jerkbaits would then either ascend much more slowly or sometimes suspend at depth (if they were fortunate enough to get the weight balance in-tune).

Even though the alteration gave an answer to the intervening depth suspension issue, it was less than a perfect solution. The modification process was conducted by trial and error. Often times the jerkbait was destroyed during adjustment. Usually a costly undertaking in time and money!

Are Suspending Minnow Baits That Special?

The answer … easily yes!

These plugs provide the bass angler with one of the true “multi-use” weapons found in their tackle box. Minnow Baits will work in any bass fishing season as along as the presentation style is modified to the lake conditions existing at that moment.

Remember that bass are cold-blooded critters meaning to a large extent, the lake conditions regulates their metabolism. This fact is especially important during cold water periods, such as the fall, winter, spring, since metabolism mandates the reaction time and eating tendencies of bass during these times of year.

Another key factor supporting the use of minnow baits during the during the colder water seasons is due to the fact that the predominant feed during this time of year is minnows.

Suspending jerkbaits are a tool where not only the nature of the retrieve can be varied, it can also be paused for moments at a time giving sluggish fish that extra moment to react. Often times a slow retrieve coupled with a long pause triggers reactions during these cold water periods when other methods fail.

Because of these attributes, many anglers who are out bass fishing during the cold-water period use minnow baits until the water dips below 40 degrees.

Here are a few tips to check out when fishing stickbaits:

* Use color patterns imitating the lake’s baitfish using more natural patterns in clean water and brighter patterns (oranges) in dirty water;

* Fish stickbaits around detached cover on main lake structures, main lake portions of major feeder creeks and parallel to bluffs;

* Vary the speed and cadence of the jerkbait and make alterations depending on the reaction tendencies of the fish;

* Watch your line for twitches or side movements!

* Use long pauses when fishing suspended jerkbaits is usually like fishing plastic worms where the line only hops when the bass softly strikes the jerkbait;

* Use a pretty long, medium-light action hard-bait rod with 10 to 12 lb. mono line (fluorocarbon in clear water).

Late to early season bass fishing can be the best time of year on the water. Though you may not catch the quantity of largemouths you do during the warmer seasons, this time period usually produces better quality fish and many times, a true trophy bass.

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