Caught Any Invasive Species Lately?

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If you are an angler or boater and have been on the water lately, it’s highly likely you’ve either interacted with lake hosts boat inspectors at the ramp to help prevent the spread of invasive species.

Though these hard-working folks are usually targeting invasive plants or critters like the zebra muscles, there are a wide range of other species we all need to be aware of…

What you ask?

Mainly various fish species that have found their way into out  waters, usually via illegal stocking!

Here is a great “infographic” from the folks at providing an overview of some of the more common critters to keep on our invasive species radar screen 😉

Source: Blog

One thing to keep in mind, however, there are some organizations and state agencies in this country that are even placing largemouth and smallmouth bass on that list as well!

We may need to be careful of what we wish for when asking for the elimination of invasive critters from our favorite fishing holes…

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