Crankin’ Tips for Smallmouths

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Most of the time smallmouth bass love being on the move and chasing bait..,

fishing crankbaits for smallmouth bass

So it only makes sense that crankbaits in patterns resembling their favorite food like crawdads and baitfish can be highly effective when fishing for feeding smallies!

Take a moment and watch this short video to see what we mean…

Several things to remember…

  • Select the right crankbait pattern to mimic the bait the smallies are feeding on
  • Pick the type of diving bill to effectively fish the depths the fish are working
  • Keep the bait in contact with cover to trigger more strikes
  • Use the proper rod, reel and line combo for the crankbait being fished

Follow these tips and catch more smallmouths the next time you’re on the water chasing them!

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