Different Spinnerbait Blade Types

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Many new bass anglers have trouble understanding spinnerbait blades and when to use the different types of blades.

understanding spinnerbait blades

Though there are several different types of spinnerbait blades available, most spinnerbaits are built using one of the three main blade types including the:

    • Colorado blade (cold or dirty water where more vibration needed);
    • Indiana blade (the “in-between” blade choice); or
    • Willow Leaf blade (clear water, less vibration)…

In the following video, Elite Bass Pro, Aaron Martens provides a quick overview on spinnerbait blades and conditions for selecting one over the others…

If you are in the market for more spinnerbaits with different blade options, be sure and check out Santone Lures’ line of customized spinnerbaits by clicking the image below!

Santone Lures Got 5

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