Different View: Gambler Lures’ New Burner Worm

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Plastic worms have been around for over sixty years but anglers are always searching for different styles to address various situations…

One of those “different styles” is a relatively thick-bodied worm with a large, tight hooked tail generically referred to as a “buzzing worm”…

Recently, Gambler Lures introduced their own version called the Burner Worm…

Gambler Burner Worm

Though this bait is often fished on a Texas rig or Carolina rig, one of the more popular retrieves is to swim or buzz the worm high in the water column around submerged vegetation as shown below…

This can definitely be a great bait for swimming through dense grass and triggering bass to strike!

Want to check out the color patterns available?

Just click on the image of the Burner Worm provided above to visit the Gambler site and see for yourself!

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