Do Artificial Lures Outfish Live Bait?

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There is an age-old debate between many anglers regarding the effectiveness of artificial lures when compared to live bait…

Golden Shiner - live bait for bass

Let’s face it, most of us started fishing almost exclusively with live bait and over time gravitated to artificial baits for a number of different reasons.

There are definitely times when live bait may be more a better choice especially when faced with cold water conditions or when taking the kids out for a day on the water!  During other outings, artificial baits will rule the day…

It just so happens, the folks at put together an interesting infographic providing a different viewpoint on the the question, when to select live bait vs a lure as shown below…

Source: Blog

Though they make some great points via their graphic, it often comes down to a matter of preference or confidence with most anglers as they select live bait or artificials… 🙂

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