Does Line Visibility Impact Bass Catch Ratio?

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Ever wonder how bass and other fish may see the line you are using to cast your bait to them?

Are there times when line visibility impacts your day on the water by limiting the number or quality of bass you catch?

Interesting questions and one that has plagued bass anglers for decades!

Here is a little infographic from the folks at that may provide more insight into the line visibility dilemma…


Looks like it’s related to both the line color, construction and depth you’re fishing!

Fluorocarbon tends to be the least visible while at the other end of the spectrum, braids the most, especially the brightly colored options. One solution … use your braid of choice with a fluorocarbon leader when the technique allows.

You may even want to consider darkening out the first few feet of braid above the leader when using brightly colored options for increased visibility above the water…

Tight lines and full live-wells all 🙂

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