Fishing Quabbin Reservoir Rock Piles

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Quabbin rock pilesThere are many secrets knowledgeable angler’s keep regarding their Quabbin fishing tactics and one of those pertains to fishing Quabbin Reservoir rock piles.

A combination of natural erosion by the Swift River and historic glacial actions combined with man’s residuum while settling the valley area or clearing it prior too inundation left numerous rock piles scattered around the lake bottom.

Rock piles form great cover elements on Quabbin’s natural bottom structure that create literal fish magnets for many species swimming it waters. So taking the time to learn where different rock piles are located can definitely increase your fishing success. Many of Quabbin’s most experienced fisherman make concentrated efforts to seek out and mark the locations of these potential honey-holes since they provide both cover and a ready source of food (minnows & crayfish).

Smallmouth Bass and Rock Piles

A few tips for locating and fishing rock piles:

  • Seek out isolated rock piles on flats and drop-offs using lake maps, old historic topographic maps or digital aerial imagery (Google Maps/Earth or Mass GIS);
  • Look for the secondary features on the rock piles such as points, brush piles, etc.;
  • Keep your lures or bait close to rocks at all times (even at the risk of hang-ups);
  • Fish the rock piles with both vertical and horizontal presentations …

Taking the time to search out and fish any of the abundant rock piles in Quabbin Reservoir is worth the effort on any given fishing trip and will also provide fishing locations that will remain top producers year in and year out …

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