Fishing Square-bill Crankbaits Around Docks

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In this video, FLW Touring Pro, Terry Bolton does a great job discussing how to fish square-bill crankbaits around docks, especially shallow docks!

square-bill crankbaits and docks

Most square-bills are designed to run 2 to 7 feet deep so understanding some of the nuances of fishing them around docks will up your catch rate!

A few things to remember when fishing square-bill crankbaits around docks:

  1. Though Terry specifically mentions two crankbaits by name in this video, the same techniques can be used with your favorite bait as well;
  2. Waking crankbaits can be great when fish are holding high in the water column; and
  3. Square-bills with set line-tie eyes can be tweaked so the bait will run to the right or left to get it under the dock not just along the edge!

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