Hot New Lure For Bass Fishing?

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If you survey 100 local bass anglers about their favorite lure when heading over for a little time on the water, many will tell you … plastic worms!

hot new bass lures

Fishing plastic worms for bass has been a key technique for the bass angler since they were first introduced by Creme Lure Company over a half century ago …

Since that time we’ve heard, read about or actually used worm fishing methods like Texas rigging, weightless sinking worm, Carolina rig and heck even wacky rigging plastic worms for bass.

But here’s one worm fishing technique you just might have missed …

So the next time you are heading over to your favorite lake for a little bass fishing, don’t forget to stock up on those multi-colored gummy favorites.

I really have to wonder though … would the sour gummy worms work better? 😉


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