Is the Ice Safe Yet?

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In case you hadn’t noticed, “Old Man Winter” is quickly wrapping his icy fingers around out favorite fishing holes and before you know it, they’ll be covered with an ever-growing layer of ice…

Once the hard, chilly layer covers our sacred watery spots, many anglers will be anxiously awaiting the chance to venture out on the ice, some by foot, some by snow mobile and others with larger vehicles if possible…

But how will you know when the ice is safe for your preferred method of transport?

Maybe the guys in this video can provide some insight 😉

Do you think their ice is safe yet? LOL

Fortunately the good folks at the MN-DNR created the following image to help answer the question more directly 🙂

MNDNR Safe Ice Image

(Image borrowed from MN DNR)

Enjoy the ice season while still here but always remember…

Be Safe Out There!

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