Is This The Best Fishing Kayak Ever?

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More and more bass anglers are starting to look at smaller watercraft to access remote, less pressured streams and lakes…

Though the small tin boat and canoes still have their place, many fisher-people are leaning towards kayaks as their small watercraft of choice. In many ways in makes loads of sense. Most kayaks are designed to be ported over pretty rugged terrain making them easier to handle for the lone angler…

kayak bass fishing

The one big draw-back of most “traditional” kayaks for fishing is they tend to be a bit “tipsy”, lacking the stability many bass anglers want…

Recently, a company from the Pacific Northwest called Nucanoe developed a line of fishing kayaks offering all the benefits of traditional ‘yaks with the added benefits of stability as well as being easy to customize…

See what I mean in this video with two anglers out for a little bass fishing…

Now I admit that one of the anglers is a dealer and maybe slightly biased, but other research indicates they are right on track 🙂

I’ll definitely be checking out the Nucanoe Frontier 12 this coming season since a local dealer has just added the line!


Is This The Best Fishing Kayak Ever? — 3 Comments

  1. For kayak fishing you want to make sure that you have a reliable kayak that allows for effective fishing. You want a stable kayak where you can perform fishing tasks easily.

    • Hi Caleb!

      I agree and it appears the Nucanoe may do just that at a cost substantially less than some of the other ‘yaks designed for anglers!

  2. Many kayaks geared towards anglers are really pricey, I have fished out of some cheap (and i mean $200 or so) recreational kayaks that have been modified for fishing that are outstanding as well. I own an inexpensive 13ft touring kayak ($600) that I added flush mount rod holders to, and that works great as well, just takes some getting used to having less primary stability and more secondary stability. Cuts through the water like a knife compared to a wide boat like this though.

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