Is This Where Swim Jigging Started?

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Many people believe this is the guy who started the whole swim jig craze over 40 years ago…

Monsoor Swim Jigging

Here is FLW Touring Pro Tom Monsoor’s take on the basics of swimming a jig!

Seems many people have been swimming jigs for years likely also stumbling on it by accident. I know I did years ago when I made a bad cast into a tangle of tree branches and reeled like heck when a 2.5 chunk nailed it…

Now I know others do it too… I don’t feel so dirty anymore šŸ˜‰

If you are looking for a great swim jig to try out, be sure and check out SantoneĀ Lures’ Rayburn Swim Jig by clicking on the image that follows!

Santone Rayburn Swim JigMonkey Gold!


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