Keeping Crankbait Colors Simple

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So you’ve decided to up your bassin’ game and increase your crankbait collection as well as the amount of time you spend fishing them…

crankbait color selection

Off you go to your local bass tackle shop turning to the crankbait portion of their lure section and poof … your eyes instantly widen and you stop dead in your tracks with the classic “deer in the headlight look”

The color pattern possibilities seem endless!

Even though you’ve already decided on the type of crankbaits that will work best in the waters you fish, the color pattern selection is enough to knock you off your feet…

But does it really have to be that complicated?

Not according to the folks at Wired2Fish!

Just take a moment and watch the following video to see what I mean 🙂

Although I generally agree with Walker’s color selections, I will add that a slight alternation to color patterns matching predominate bait fish in your area (golden shiner as opposed to shad for example) might be in order…

But always remember … simple is usually better than making things like color selection complicated 🙂

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