Largemouths Love Swim Jigs

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Not many anglers will argue with the saying “bass love jigs especially big bass”…

Swim Jig Largemouth

Ask most bass anglers and they’ll tell you jigs fill an important niche in their tackle arsenal.

Some bass guys swear it’s the only bait for catching quality bass day in and day out…

For years, I like most bass anglers equated jigs with either shallow dense cover as choice baits for flipping/pitching or heavy football baits for dredging deep water structure…

Over the last decade or so, most of us also learned and started to use jigs as a swimming bait as an alternative to spinnerbaits and crankbaits in many situations…

One of the more important considerations when rigging a swim jig for largemouths is selecting the right plastic trailers to optimize results.

Most of us have a few standard trailers we use on swim jigs but sometimes changing things up a little can help improve the quality of bass caught as Doug Stange of InFisherman TV describes in this video…


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