Lew’s Baitcasting Reels Review

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Lew’s Speed Spool casting reels date back over 30 years but they fell off the scene for several years until a group of angling business folk from Springfield picked up the line a few years ago…

Lew's Reels review

I owned a number of Lew’s products (Speed Spool reels and Speed Stick rods) and though I loved them, I switched to other brands (Daiwa & Quantum) when they became scarce!

Since they have re-emerged on the market with a number of great reviews (see the video below with some cool maintenance tips too), I plan on making the switch back to Lew’s this coming season…

If interested in learning more, you can also check out Lew’s different models at Amazon (which several are cheaper than other online sites like TW 😉 ) below…

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