Locating Bass from Spring Through Fall

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Changing water temperatures and sunlight intensity/duration strongly influence environmental conditions present in all water bodies throughout the year. Since bass as well other game-fish are cold-blooded creatures, evolving environments result in changes to the habitats game-fish and their forage in response to the surrounding environment…

seasonal bass locations

Just think about the changes occurring in your local fishing holes throughout the season. Vegetation growth explodes from spring until late summer then dies off as water temperature and sunlight steadily decreases as winter approaches…

Knowing how game-fish such as bass respond to these seasonal changes greatly increases your “catching” success, especially when fishing new water bodies!

The folks at Fix.com have released another great infographic diagram highlighting many of the important factors to know to catch more bass throughout changing seasons…

Source: Fix.com Blog

Take note of these facts and good luck throughout your next fishing season!

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