Tips on Selecting the Right Jerkbait for Conditions

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Are all jerkbaits created equal?

Interesting question when you consider the different styles of jerkbaits on the market today and I am not even talking about the many brands available…

tips on selecting jerkbaits

As it turns out, many jerkbait manufacturers produce different jerkbait designs (shallow va deep; thin vs wide, etc.), each better to suited for Continue reading

Start Them Young

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It’s was a Thursday in early January when I came across this fantastic infographic from the folds at and decided it would be a perfect addition to the site, especially since it’s #ThrowbackThursday! 🙂

start kids fishing

It also brought back instant memories to my early childhood when my dad first introduced me to fishing and let’s just say I was not just Continue reading

Locating Bass from Spring Through Fall

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Changing water temperatures and sunlight intensity/duration strongly influence environmental conditions present in all water bodies throughout the year. Since bass as well other game-fish are cold-blooded creatures, evolving environments result in changes to the habitats game-fish and their forage in response to the surrounding environment…

seasonal bass locations

Just think about the changes occurring in your local fishing holes throughout the season. Vegetation growth explodes from Continue reading

Thoughts on Fishing Shoreline Lay-downs

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Most bass anglers search the shoreline regions of the waterway being fished for prime surface cover potentially harboring the biggest bass in an area…

fishing fallen trees

I get very excited each time I find a tree that has crashed from its former place on the bank sending the trunk and radiating array of branches into the depths creating a myriad of bass-holding ambush points beneath the surface!

Recently I came across a video from Continue reading

Winter Bass Fishing Game Plan

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Bass fishing during the winter can be one of the most challenging experiences anglers face throughout the entire year…

winter bass fishing

Since bass are cold-blooded creatures, the temperature of the environment directly impacts their metabolism and typically limits feeding activity. Not only does the cold weather effect the bass, it also takes a toll on Continue reading