Keeping Crankbait Colors Simple

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So you’ve decided to up your bassin’ game and increase your crankbait collection as well as the amount of time you spend fishing them…

crankbait color selection

Off you go to your local bass tackle shop turning to the crankbait portion of their lure section and poof … your eyes instantly widen and you stop dead in your tracks with the classic “deer in the headlight look”

The color pattern possibilities Continue reading

Tips for Fishing Crankbaits During Fall

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As the fall period progresses, bass and other gamefish go through many transitions as they prepare for the upcoming winter…

fall crankbait fishing

For the most part there is one main thing driving the actions of bass through the fall; feeding in preparation for a long, lethargic cold water conditions that lie ahead!

As most bass anglers realize, the two most common Continue reading

Fishing Deep Spinnerbaits for Fall Bass

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Bass often relate to deeper water cover (standing timber, submerged weedbeds, rock piles, brush piles, etc.) at both the beginning and end of the fall period. In both cases, these bass typically feed on available baitfish such as shad, herring down south and shiners, perch and bluegills in northern areas…

spinnerbaits for fall bass

When bass are holding around these deeper types of cover, the spinnerbait can be an excellent lure choice to probe Continue reading