Thoughts on Fishing Shoreline Lay-downs

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Most bass anglers search the shoreline regions of the waterway being fished for prime surface cover potentially harboring the biggest bass in an area…

fishing fallen trees

I get very excited each time I find a tree that has crashed from its former place on the bank sending the trunk and radiating array of branches into the depths creating a myriad of bass-holding ambush points beneath the surface!

Recently I came across a video from Continue reading

Winter Bass Fishing Game Plan

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Bass fishing during the winter can be one of the most challenging experiences anglers face throughout the entire year…

winter bass fishing

Since bass are cold-blooded creatures, the temperature of the environment directly impacts their metabolism and typically limits feeding activity. Not only does the cold weather effect the bass, it also takes a toll on Continue reading

Steps in Building an Inexpensive Ice Shanty

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Anglers living in the northern portions of the US and Canada are presented with a situation each winter our southern cohorts miss out on…

We are fortunate (?) enough to have the surface of our favorite honey holes get harden to to point where not only man but 4-wheel drive vehicles can trek across the icy barrier…

DIY ice shanty

As most dedicated anglers do, once confronted with a barrier to their sport, they devise specific tools allowing them to Continue reading

Do Artificial Lures Outfish Live Bait?

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There is an age-old debate between many anglers regarding the effectiveness of artificial lures when compared to live bait…

Golden Shiner - live bait for bass

Let’s face it, most of us started fishing almost exclusively with live bait and over time gravitated to artificial baits for a number of different reasons.

There are definitely times when live bait may be more a better choice especially when faced with cold water conditions or when taking the kids out for a day on the water!  During other outings, artificial baits will rule the day…

It just so happens, the folks at put together an interesting infographic providing a different viewpoint on the the question, when to select live bait vs a lure as shown below…

Source: Blog

Though they make some great points via their graphic, it often comes down to a matter of preference or confidence with most anglers as they select live bait or artificials… 🙂

A Detailed Guide to Crankbait Fishing For Bass

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A Detailed Guide to Crankbait Fishing For Bass
By Steven Vonbrandt

When it comes to fishing crankbaits, there are always a million questions, with just about as many answers. Some of the common questions of what kind, what colors, when and where to use them, are going to be answered in this guide. There will always be new products and new ideas that may or may not work, but hopefully the following guide will give you the answers to most of the questions that are constantly being asked by the beginner to the advanced angler.


There are as many manufacturers of crankbaits as there are colors. Some of the more popular makers of crankbaits are Luhr Jensen, Mann’s,Bomber, Storm, Berkley, Bill Lewis, Rapala, Lucky Craft and Rebel. There are of course, many more, including hundreds of custom made crankbaits by individuals and smaller companies.

fishing deep crankbaits

Crankbaits are minnow imitating lures, that float and/or Continue reading