Quabbin Reservoir Facts

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Located in central Massachusetts, Quabbin Reservoir is not only the states largest inland water body but also one of the largest public water supplies in the country.

Quabbin Reservoir aerial

Also known as, the Accidental Wilderness, the Big Lady, the Big Q., Lady Q. or sometimes just Q, Quabbin Reservoir and the surrounding lands of Quabbin Reservation are a true fishing and recreational gem. Not only that but in many regards the evolving land use associated with Quabbin Reservation might be considered an interesting example of sustainability dating back over half a century.

Today Quabbin Reservoir and Reservation play host to thousands of visitors each year seeking to take advantage of the numerous natural recreational opportunities existing within its borders.

Though a series of strict regulations are in place, anglers from across the region descend upon both the shoreline areas surrounding parts of Quabbin Reservoir. Even more Quabbin fishing enthusiasts launch boats onto the Big Lady’s pristine waters in pursuit of over 20 species of freshwater fish. Unlike most other freshwater lakes ponds and streams of Massachusetts, however, Quabbin Reservoir has a set fishing season running from mid April through mid-October each year.

Beyond the angling opportunities, other recreational activities available to Quabbin’s visitors include hiking, cycling, birdwatching, picnicking, restricted hunting, as well as snowshoeing and sledding as seasons permit.

Access to Quabbin Reservoir is strictly controlled and only permitted via one of the established gate areas shown on the quarter resource maps such as the fishing map which can be downloaded by clicking on the image below:

Quabbin fishing mapQuabbin Fishing Map