2010 Bassmaster Classic Is History

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kvd2010classicsml It’s done! The 2010 Bassmaster Classic is recorded in the bass fishing history books.

As the day began, three anglers, Jeff Kriet, Kevin VanDam (KVD), and Todd Farcloth were literally neck to neck with a spread of just three ounces separating first from third place.

Watching the Classic Live Blog and ESPN BassCam on their dedicated web site showed change after change as the hours wore on.  Even with the numerous reports and changes, KVD stayed at on near the top of the heap even with an apparent rush from 20th place by Russ Lane toward the top of the heap.

As a matter of fact, with Faircloth and Kriet getting a relatively slow start, the attention turned to a possible battle between Lane and KVD.  After the fog cleared, sun shone and boats loaded onto the trailers for the trip to the weigh-in, the focus returned to the top three.

Once the fish were boxed, weighed and results tallied, the top 10 spots were filled by:

  1. Kevin VanDam ………. 15 fish weighing ….. 51 lbs.  6 oz.
  2. Jeff Kriet ………………. 15 fish weighing ….. 46 lbs.  6 oz.
  3. Todd Faircloth ………. 15 fish weighing ….. 44 lbs.  3 oz.
  4. Russ Lane …………….. 14 fish weighing ….. 43 lbs. 12 oz.
  5. Brent Chapman ……… 15 fish weighing ….. 37 lbs. 14 oz.
  6. Mike Iaconelli ……….. 14 fish weighing ….. 37 lbs.   5 oz.
  7. Matt Herren ………….. 15 fish weighing ….. 35 lbs.  13 oz.
  8. Kevin Wirth ………….. 15 fish weighing ….. 34 lbs.  12 oz.
  9. Jeff Freeman** ……… 15 fish weighing ….. 32 lbs.  11 oz.
  10. Takahiro Omori ……..  13 fish weighing ….. 32 lbs.  10 oz.

The double ** by Jeff Freeman is there because he deserves a special shout-out.  Jeff is one of the “bass club” anglers qualifying from the Federation Nation qualifying process; the most difficult way to earn a berth in the Bassmaster Classic …

Congrats to KVD and the rest of the pros and  fantastic job Fed angler Jeff F too!

2010 Bassmaster Classic Day Two Is Over!

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Well it’s done … Day two of the 2010 Bassmasters Classic is n the books and the top 25 anglers hit the water tomorrow in search of their quest.

The top three spots are filled by Jeff Kriet, Kevin VanDam and Todd Faircloth with a mere 3 ounces seperating all three anglers.

Ike is in fourth ~ 6 pounds back and recent Classic champs Skeet Reese, Alton Jones and Boyd Duckett all missed the day two cut.

Also making the cut is Pam Martin Wells, winner of the 2009 Ladies Bass Series!

Congrats to all of those making the cut and it will be interesting to watch how the pressure cooker between the top three plays out during day three 🙂

2010 Bass Fishing Season Teaser: The Bassmaster Classic

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Over the last week, I am one of the many bass anglers who have been watching the various posts and videos on a host of sites about the 2010 Bassmaster Classic.

During almost all of the practice period, stories circulated around how the conditions on Lay Lake were much more “winter-like” than almost any other year in decades!  Even today, BASS Tournament Director, Tripp Weldon, who hails from that area noted even he doesn’t remember Lay Lake water temps ever being as cold as they were during practice.

So based on  his report and the angler’s stories during practice, it was anyone’s guess what the “bite” would be like during the actual tournament (which started yesterday (2/19)).

Now that the first day of the tourney arrived,  I spot checked the results as they were posted from the water.  It was definitely a shock to hear some of the weights being landed by a number of the pros.

After noon, I was finally able to log-in and watch some of the Classic coverage on the ESPN website including a few of the “BassCam” videos being made during official tournament hours.  Beyond the report of the size and quality of fish being caught, I was even more shocked to see a lot of the anglers fishing in shirts without heavy outerwear!

As a result many of the competitors in the 2010 Bassmaster Classic field netted nice limits with Kevin Van Dam leading the way.

Obviously the conditions on Lay Lake in Alabama had definitely improved for many of the 51 angler field from those reported during practice.  Well, either that or several of them were “sand-bagging”.

Though it was great to see (and visualize) what appeared to be at least decent conditions on the water, this was definitely a major tease since we had a snowstorm dumping ~ 6″ here today and another storm moving in on Sunday expected to dump another 8+”.

Now the bass fishing conditions here in northern Missouri are definitely still in a real winter pattern let me assure you!

Where’s the justice?

Well at least I’ll be able to watch some of the action on Lay Lake for the next two days and “visualize” the day when I can actually extricate my boat from storage and not just to slide it out onto the ice 😉

Squatter’s Right in Bass Fishing Tournaments

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Today is the first official day of the 2010 Bassmasters Classic (one of the biggest pro bass fishing tournaments) on Lay Lake in Alabama.  This annual event, held by the Bass Anglers Sportsman’s Society (BASS) almost since it’s inception over 30 years ago, is considered by many to be the most coveted title in pro bass fishing.

As I was watching some of the reports (both written and video) via the ESPN/Bassmaster website, I noted one of the reporters discussing how many of the anglers were fishing in the same creek arm close to the ramp.  During the report he also mentioned how a few of the competitors were working the same stretch of water, effectively trying to guard or protect the area from other fishermen.

Though there were times other competitors would work their way into the “honey hole”, fortunately most were able to work out exactly who had “squatters rights” to that particular stretch of water. The anglers would then head off to continue their quest each respecting the “squatters rights” of the other.

He also noted that as the days wore on, it was likely the “cooperative nature” exhibited on day one may start to wane under the building pressure.

You might be wondering why exactly something like this would catch my eye …

Quite frankly because it stirred memories of more than one “been there done that” moments in some of the local club and money tourneys I fished in the past and employed the same tactic.

Now as I recall, sometimes the “squatting” approach worked and the fish held up … There were just as many times, however, when it didn’t!

On more than one occasion, not only did the technique not work so well but also lead to a rather vigorous exchange of viewpoints on the subject …

Fortunately in all cases, everyone basically survived even if with strained vocal chords!

It will be interesting to see how those situations play out in this year’s Classic 🙂