Prepping for Tournament Success

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It has been over half a century since organized fishing tournaments (bass, walleye, crappie, etc.) not only secured a foothold in the fishing world but exploded in popularity across the country as well as many parts of the globe…

fishing tournament success

Today’s tournament arena spans across many different species, water types, age groups and even different types of vessels giving anyone with a desire to compete, the opportunity to do so…

Though getting access to tournaments is relatively easy, what does it take to be a successful tournament angler?

The folks at have launched yet another great infographic highlighting many of the important aspects pertaining to prepping for tournament success as shown below… 🙂

Source: Blog

Obviously there are many factors involved with being successful including…

  • Knowledge of the target species and how they interact with their environment;
  • Basic research and map skills to prepare before you ever get to the water;
  • Having the right tackle (rods, reels, lures, line, accessories, etc.) to get the job done; &
  • A proper mindset and attitude to adapt to changing conditions each day of the event.

Definitely a number of great ideas to prepare for your next tournament event…

Do you have any others you recommend?

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