Proper Bass Handling Tips

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Everyone gets excited when you catch a quality bass and most of us want to grab a quick picture to share our catch with our less fortunate friends!

But did you know there are many ways you can harm that quality bass if not handled correctly…

Nice bass hold

Though this might not matter if you are going to harvest the bass (which you should really think about since big fish are also “big-time breeders”) but it is an issue when practicing catch and release…

Here are a few tips by big bass hunter, Mike Long on how to properly handle that next trophy fish you are lucky enough to land…

So remember…

  • Minimize the time you keep the fish out of the water
  • Give the big gal a little to to recoup before your photo shot
  • Do not over extend the jaw by using a vertical hold
  • Do not place bass on dry surfaces such as boat carpets to minimize slime coat damage
  • Use a second hand to support your trophy but minimize damage to her slime coat!

Good luck on your next big bass hunt and be sure to check out Mike’s site (<== link) focusing on fishing for the big gals!

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