Quabbin Reservoir 10-Ft. Bathymetric Map

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A few years ago, mapping professionals at the DCRs Office of Watershed Management compiled survey data from the 1920s to create a geographically-referenced dataset to represent the bathymetry of Quabbin Reservoir.

Though the greatest care was taken during compilation of the dataset to facilitate an accurate depiction of Quabbin’s bathymetry (underwater topography), natural processes plus mapping errors mean some mistakes may exist. Therefore any map products derived from this or other similar endeavors should not be used for navigational purposes.

The GIS data files are available for download from the MassGIS Data Download area and anyone knowing some of the basics of GIS data processing can produce a map showing the lake bottom topographic contours as depicted below:

Quabbin Bathymetric Map

We used the dataset to produce a 1:32000 scale lake 10-ft contour map for Quabbin Reservoir that can be downloaded by clicking on the image above.

The map is provided in JPG format and measures 40 inches in length and 30 inches in width if viewed at a 100 % zoom setting and is archived in a Zip file to help with download speed.

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