RAH Tackle Gear Un-boxing Plus 1st Impressions

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Being a frugal angler (sometimes at least!), I am always on the lookout for deals on fishing tackle, especially inexpensive but decent quality rod, reels and baits..

RAH Tackle wacky rig bass.I recently because aware of a family-owned, Florida-based online retailer with a growing list of relatively inexpensive products offered via their site, RAH Tackle. After checking available reviews, I decided to take the plunge and order four items (two reels, a set of coiled lanyards and their wacky rigging kit) to check them out.

After un-boxing, examining and even using some of the items, I decided all the items appear to fit my “inexpensive & quality” criteria and made the following video to describe my first impressions and some other thoughts…


Note that the image near the top of the page shows the results of using some of the gear in the RAH Tackle wacky rig kit (shown below)…

RAH Tackle wacky kit


Click Image for More Info!


Yup the stickbaits, hooks and o-rings work as stated in the video!


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