Rapala Adds Two Scatter Rap Crankbaits

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It’s a little more than a week from the final weigh-in  of the 2014 Bassmasters Classic and during the week’s festivities, top lure maker Rapala will add two more baits to the Scatter Rap Crank series!

shallow & deep Rapala Scatter Rap cranks

The original Scatter Rap Crank is a medium depth crankbait (6-8 feet) built around Rapala’s Scatter Rap technology introduced in 2013…

As you probably already know, Scatter Rap baits have a special bill design imparting an erratic action on a normal, steady retrieve. Most other crankbaits require additional rod movement during the retrieve to achieve the same type of erratic action; an action many anglers feel trigger bass into attacking the bait.

After the initial success of the baits, Rapala extended the line by adding the new “shallow” and “deep” Scatter Rap Cranks to the line-up.

BASS Elite Series Pros Brandon Palaniuk and Mike Iaconelli provide a cool introduction to these new baits along with a few fishing tips in the following Rapala video…

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