Save With a DIY Stake Out Pole Project

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Effective anchoring can be a key element to many successful bassin’ trips but many anglers don’t like the hassle of dealing with anchors, lines, setting the proper line distance, etc.

DIY stake-out poles

Over the last several years another alternative to the old anchor and line method became fairly well known and even more popular… The use of a solid pole somehow attached or tethered to the boat and driven into bottom sediments when fishing in shallow water…

For some of us the images of remotely controlled and powered pole anchoring systems may pop into mind, the cost and bulk of even the scaled-down versions of these systems is a big-time limitation for many of us…

Fortunately more palatable manual stake out poles are available for small boat anglers since they are readily available and prices tend to be less than $100.

Of course if you have a few tools available as well as some building skills then the cost for a hand-driven stake out pole drops to less than $20 each!

You know what that means? Most of us could even afford to build two poles to really lock the boat in position when fishing certain types of shallow cover or structures… How cool is that 😀

Still being in the research mode as I accessorize my mini-bass boat for the upcoming season, I came across several different approaches for DIY stake out pole projects, all made using slightly different materials…

Rather than me picking one, I decided to do something a little different this time and present all four with a short descriptive title so you can watch any one or all of them as you see fit 🙂

Enjoy and good luck with your stake out pole project!

#1 – Stake Out Pole Built Using 3/4″ Solid Fiberglass Rod

#2 – Stake Out Pole Built Using PVC with Wooden Dowel Inserts

#3 – Stake Out Pole Built By Converting Telescopic Golf Ball Retriever

#4 – Stake Out Pole Built Using 3/4″ Vinyl-Coated Steel Garden Stake

After watching all four of these videos it gave me several ideas for using different elements from a few and creating my own DIY stake out pole project but more on that later!

What do you think?

Any of these approaches work for you, did you come up with an alternative plan or have your own design already?

Let us know by leaving a comment below 🙂

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