Sensible Umbrella Rig Alternative

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A few years ago, the umbrella rig, a fishing rig long used by saltwater anglers for striped bass was introduced to the black bass world as the Alabama Rig…

Most basic umbrella rig set-ups involve the use of 5 or more individual lures rigged on a weighted, umbrella-shaped wire form giving the appearance of a school of bait as it is retrieved through the water. This cast-able bass rig is sometimes touted as “the” answer for schooled, suspending bass that are often difficult to catch.

Z-Man Quadzilla U-Rig Alternative

Since its introduction, these cast-able versions of the umbrella rig have been a polarizing technique where the proponents manically defend its use and opponents calling it unethical and a potential danger to bass fisheries.

The debate rages on!

On another front, each state has it’s own regulations concerning the use of these multi-bait rigs, several states even limiting its use severely. One of the state’s with an extreme limitation is New Hampshire citing their existing regulations mandate the use of one “lure” per line. Since most early umbrella rig adaptations involved the use of five or more lures, those rigs could only be used if most of the lures were swapped out for teaser baits without hooks and leaving only one lure on the rig.

Last year, a few different companies introduced umbrella rig packages with only one lure per rig including the Quadzilla spinnerbait and Quadzilla Rig by Z-Man Fishing described in the following video…

Is this the best all around alternative to the standard multi-lure umbrella rigged used by bass anglers today?

I think so!

Bit then again, I do live in New Hampshire… 😉

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