Small Baits Cure Cold Water Bassing Blues

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Lethargic is one term many anglers use to describe bass during the cold water period from late fall through early spring…

small baits for cold water

One way to combat a bass’ slow-motion metabolism during these times is to downsize the baits used in your presentations…

There are a wide range of small-scale baits on the market including bait rigs like:

  • the NED rig
  • Charlie Brewer’s Slider Rig
  • Most drop-shot presentations like Mister Twister’s Mite
  • 2.5″ tubes
  • small hair jigs
  • 2″ to 3 grubs
  • and many more!

Though many bass anglers are familiar with larger sizes of the spider jig, smaller versions can also be great solutions to a slow cold water bite!

The folks at LTB produced this video of a micro spider jig and it’s effectiveness in working vertical structures, a key holding area for cold water bass…

Definitely another alternative to consider adding to your cold water bait box 🙂

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