Soft Stickbait With A Twist

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Unless you’ve had your head buried in the sand for the last several years, you know the power of soft stickbaits in both shallow and deep water areas…

As a matter of fact, 2014 Bassmaster Classic Champ, Randy Howell listed a 5″ soft stickbait as one of his five go-to baits throughout his tournament year…

Though most soft stickbait manufacturers use a “tapered cigar shape” when producing their baits, one company developed a completely different shape concept. As a matter of fact, it just doesn’t have one different shape, it incorporates two!

PTL Sick Stick

So what is this soft stickbait with a different shape twist?

PowerTeam Lures’ Sick Stick which uses both a solid square core coupled with distinctive ribs across its body…

This stickbait is so unique, there are a couple of nuances to be aware of when rigging the bait as demonstrated by PTL Pro, JP Rose in the following video:

Looks pretty cool doesn’t it?

It did to me so I picked up a few packs to try this coming season!


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