Spinnerbaits Are Not Dead!

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There are some bass anglers convinced that spinnerbaits have gone the way of the Do-Do bird. Some even claim they will never be used to capture a major bass fishing title…

It seems Kevin VanDam may just have a different opinion on that topic since a spinnerbait was one of his major weapons helping him capture MLF’s Summit Cup last season in Alpena, Michigan.

What was the spinnerbait KVD used to trigger a record-setting bag of Michigan smallmouths into biting?

Baby Burner Spinnerbait

The Baby Burner by Strike King Lures!

In the following video, KVD discusses the Baby Burner and why it’s so effective for catching smallmouth bass in clear water environs…


Spinnerbaits Are Not Dead! — 2 Comments

    • Although I won’t argue about the brand mentioned in the video (I own 0 SK spinnerbaits personally), there are times when I prefer small frame, finesse type spinnerbaits. This is especially true when bass are chasing smaller baitfish such as late summer/early fall up here in the Northeast.

      Thanks for your thoughts!

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