Spinnerbaits for the Night Bite

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Throughout much of the year, bass, particularly big bass are active and put on the feed bag at night!

fishing spinnerbaits at night

Over the years, some of my best times on the water came when the Sun was long gone and moonlight illuminated the water’s surface. In my early years of night fishing, topwater was often the bait at the end of my rod, usually with mixed success since bass won’t always take a surface bait, even at night.

After a few years of mixed results during my night trips, a long-time friend who focused most of his bassin’ trips in the dark keyed my in on using spinnerbaits to catch both largemouth and smallmouth bass at night.

Since that time, one or more spinnerbaits have been ready to use to probe the waters for our favorite nocturnal prey 🙂

Take a moment to watch the following short video on fishing spinnerbaits at night…

Do you have your nighttime spinnerbait arsenal ready to go? 😉

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