Springtime is Soft Stickbait Time

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Spring is coming and it will soon be time to start throwing one of my favorite baits, the soft stick bait!

springtime soft stick-bait bass

To me, the versatility in rigging methods and retrieves used with the soft stickbait makes it one of the most effective baits throughout the season starting in early spring 🙂

As spring progresses, bass move shallower and shallower in search of the perfect mating spot often in close proximity to cover. The soft stickbait especially shines around cover since the bait can be rigged snagless and dropped right in front of their sometimes finicky noses…

Take a moment and watch how former Classic champ, Randy Howell uses the grand-daddy of all soft stickbaits, the Senko, to lure bass from their shallow-water haunts in this short video…

Do you have your soft stickbaits ready for the spring bite? 😀

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