Squatter’s Right in Bass Fishing Tournaments

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Today is the first official day of the 2010 Bassmasters Classic (one of the biggest pro bass fishing tournaments) on Lay Lake in Alabama.  This annual event, held by the Bass Anglers Sportsman’s Society (BASS) almost since it’s inception over 30 years ago, is considered by many to be the most coveted title in pro bass fishing.

As I was watching some of the reports (both written and video) via the ESPN/Bassmaster website, I noted one of the reporters discussing how many of the anglers were fishing in the same creek arm close to the ramp.  During the report he also mentioned how a few of the competitors were working the same stretch of water, effectively trying to guard or protect the area from other fishermen.

Though there were times other competitors would work their way into the “honey hole”, fortunately most were able to work out exactly who had “squatters rights” to that particular stretch of water. The anglers would then head off to continue their quest each respecting the “squatters rights” of the other.

He also noted that as the days wore on, it was likely the “cooperative nature” exhibited on day one may start to wane under the building pressure.

You might be wondering why exactly something like this would catch my eye …

Quite frankly because it stirred memories of more than one “been there done that” moments in some of the local club and money tourneys I fished in the past and employed the same tactic.

Now as I recall, sometimes the “squatting” approach worked and the fish held up … There were just as many times, however, when it didn’t!

On more than one occasion, not only did the technique not work so well but also lead to a rather vigorous exchange of viewpoints on the subject …

Fortunately in all cases, everyone basically survived even if with strained vocal chords!

It will be interesting to see how those situations play out in this year’s Classic 🙂

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