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It’s was a Thursday in early January when I came across this fantastic infographic from the folds at and decided it would be a perfect addition to the site, especially since it’s #ThrowbackThursday! 🙂

start kids fishing

It also brought back instant memories to my early childhood when my dad first introduced me to fishing and let’s just say I was not just bitten by the fishing bug but virtually consumed (in a good way) by it 😀

Though dad’s fishing interest were mainly aimed at fishing off the coast of southeastern Massachusetts for striped bass and bluefish, I was drawn to the “sweet-water” side, hitting the ponds and streams around our home whenever I could get there…

Reading the post and infographic on the site also reminded me of some of the possible pitfalls like the many days out with dad chasing stripers and nothing to show for it and how many kids would get bored with the whole fishing thing. Fortunately the information provided lays out the perfect game-plan to avoid potential tragedy by focusing on baits and fish that are eager to bite. Definitely a ploy I use whenever I took my girls out in the past and grandsons in the present.

Check out all the info on the infographic and see what I mean!

Enjoy 😀

Source: Blog

So a few tips to get and keep the the young ones “hooked on fishing”…

  • Keep it simple and keep them involved even helping them learn to cast;
  • Keep the fish on the line so the kids stay interested; &
  • Most of all, make it a fun experience that they will never forget!

Tight lines!

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