Steps in Building an Inexpensive Ice Shanty

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Anglers living in the northern portions of the US and Canada are presented with a situation each winter our southern cohorts miss out on…

We are fortunate (?) enough to have the surface of our favorite honey holes get harden to to point where not only man but 4-wheel drive vehicles can trek across the icy barrier…

DIY ice shanty

As most dedicated anglers do, once confronted with a barrier to their sport, they devise specific tools allowing them to penetrate the ice enabling access to their finny friends in the chilled waters beneath…

Not only have ice anglers been the driving force behind the development of specialized rods, reels, ice traps as well as a myriad of other tackle items; ice angling diehards also developed a variety of ice shelters to ward off the harsh and bitter winds winter delivers.

A quick survey of the areas frequented by ice fishing enthusiasts quickly reveals a range of shelter types, some costing a few hundreds of $ while others many thousands of $$…

So how does someone just getting into this chilly sport get an ice shanty while trying to stay within a modest fishing gear budget?

Build your own of course and fortunately the good folks at have a great infographic showing you how!

Source: Blog

Pretty cool project and quite sufficient for the up and coming ice angler 🙂


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