Tackle for the Average Bass Fisherman

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Tackle for the Average Bass Fisherman
By Daniel Eggertsen

The fishing rod is the first basic piece of tackle the average bass fisherman needs to consider. I recommend a medium or medium light action graphite spinning rod. I advise buying a rod six foot long. This rod can be used in a variety of different fishing conditions. As you become more experienced you will see the need for more specialized rods at times.

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I have always used Berkley or Fenwick rods and found them to always be up to the task at hand. You should purchase your rod and reel simultaneously. I advise mounting the reel on the rod and holding it before you make a choice. The rod and reel combo should feel right. Hold the rod direct above where the reel is seated. If you point the rod perpendicular to your body it should balance in a straight line. If it does not the reel may be too big or heavy and need to be replaced with a lighter one.

Your next consideration is the reel. For the average fisherman I recommend an open faced spinning reel. The key here is to match the reel to the line you will be using. I like a reel that holds approximately 150 yards of 8 lb fishing line. I also like a reel with an excellent drag system. You have two choices regarding drag. I prefer reels that have a drag in the back of the reel. For me these drags are easier to adjust. Other people prefer the drag to be in the front of the reel on top of the spool. I consider this a matter of personal preference. Try both and go with what feels best to you.

When you purchase a reel you will see a term “gear ratio”. They affect the power of the reel. The higher the gear ratio the more line that will be retrieved by each 360 degree turn of the handle.

For line I recommend monofilament line with a test of 8-12 lb. This is as close to an all purpose line that you can get. Again as you become more experienced you will see the need for lighter and heavier lines. I use Berkley Trilene line but have tried all the major brands and found them to be good.

They key is to match your line to the reel you have chosen. I like to keep 150 yards of line on my reel. If your reel holds 150 yards of 10 lb line then I advise using that weight. You should always keep an extra spool of line on hand. You should also constantly check your line for nicks and other imperfections that can cause a fish to be lost.

Dan Eggertsen is a fishing researcher and enthusiast who is committed to providing the best bass fishing information possible. Get more information on tackle for the average bass fisherman here: http://www.askbassfishing.com/

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