Tips on Casting From a Kayak

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Fishing from a kayak offers all bass anglers a multitude of advantages over other types of fishing. It allows us to first get on the water, even onto water bodies larger rigs can’t get into. Fishing from low profile boats like kayaks, canoes, float tubes, etc., also allows us a stealthy approach to sensitive areas often enabling us to catch bass others miss…

kayak casting tips

Even with all the advantages kayak fishing provides, there is one area that becomes more difficult when either sitting or even standing in kayak (not to mention other small boats)… casting!

Considering the change to casting mechanics from the sitting position or potential interference issues from gear placement (tackle crates, other rods, etc.), casting from a kayak (or many other small boats) definitely takes some getting used too!

So why not take a moment to watch this video as kayak fishing pro, Chad Hoover provides some great tips to help solve any casting issues you may encounter on your next trip…

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