Tips on Selecting the Right Jerkbait for Conditions

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Are all jerkbaits created equal?

Interesting question when you consider the different styles of jerkbaits on the market today and I am not even talking about the many brands available…

tips on selecting jerkbaits

As it turns out, many jerkbait manufacturers produce different jerkbait designs (shallow va deep; thin vs wide, etc.), each better to suited for different conditions we face each day we’re on the water…

Take a moment and listen to Bassmaster Elite Pro, Chris Zaldain as he explains his preferences for the different jerkbait styles available in the Megabass line-up…

Even though Chris covered the different Megabass jerkbaits, it’s easy enough use his approach when selecting the right bait manufactured by your favorite company!

Tight lines and full livewells all 🙂

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