Using Spinnerbaits to Catch Fall Bass

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Dropping air temperature, cooling waters and colorful leaves all indicate big changes are happening in the world around us not to mention our favorite quarry, bass…

spinnerbaits for fall bass

These changes also signify a series of transitions bass make as they pursue various types of bait as they make their own transitions. First the bass follows the bait from summertime deeper water haunts into the shallows and back again as the summer to fall to winter seasonal change progresses…

During these seasonal changes, bass are constantly shifting both their locations and the types of cover they relate too. To be both effective and efficient when fall bass are on the move, search baits like spinnerbaits are a tool many successful fall anglers use to connect with their wily prey.

Take a few minutes and listen to the reasons why bass pro Stephen Browning relies on spinnerbaits when searching for fall bass…

Do you have your spinnerbait supply ready for the fall transitions?

Time to “get r done”!

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