Versatility Perfected – Mister Twister’s Magnum SinSation

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Decades ago, Mister Twister was one of the the first companies to integrate curly tails into soft plastic lures. Shortly thereafter, they added a bait to their growing line-up with two curly arms in addition to the curly tail, the original Sinsation.

It quickly became a staple in many anglers tackle boxes…

Back in 2014, Mister Twister introduced the 21st Century version of this long-time fish slayer, the new Magnum SinSation!


Incorporating a thicker body at the head of the bait; wider curly tail and Mister Twister’s pocket technology along the trunk of the bait, the Magnum Sinsation is now even more effective and versatile than the original…

How versatile you might wonder?

These evolutionary changes now means the Mag SinSation can be rigged almost any way you like…

Don’t take my word just watch this introductory video from Mister Twister and see what I mean…

It’s plain to see, the new Mister Twister Magnum SinSation can be used not only as a stand-alone plastic bait but a great trailer as well!

Get your supply of Mag SinSations by either visiting the Mister Twister website, your local tackle shop or online retailers like Tackle Warehouse or Cabela’s!

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