What Is a Jerk Rat?

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There are lots of baits on the market for working over the tops of surface and near-surface vegetation…

One problem with many of these baits … most tend to look like frogs!

Recently, Mister Twister devised a new twist on plastic baits for probing surface weeds … the Jerk Rat!

Mister Twister Jerk RatThe shape of the body allows the bait to slide through the weeds with was and the lure to seductively glide toward the bottom when stopped. Add in the action of the double tails and hold on for some rod jarring strikes!

The Jerk Rat is also designed with hook-hiding slots on the top and bottom enabling anglers to use their favorite EWG-style hook for an easy, weedless set-up. How great is that?

Check out this short video showing the bait in action and see what I mean…

Looks pretty enticing to me, how about you?

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