What Is a Power-Shot Rig?

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Every so often I run across an article or video that cause me to pause and reflect on how I learned certain techniques over the years…

power shot rig for bass

The video provided below cause me to think back to an ABA Weekend Series tournament over 15 years ago I was fishing as a non-boater. During the event, I was trying to fish a conventional Texas-rigged 7″ worm that kept getting fouled by the slimy algae covering the bottom. On the other hand, the boater was able to keep fishing and catching, while I was constantly clearing my rig of “bottom snot”.

When I asked how the heck he was avoiding the snot issue, he said he was fishing a power version of a traditional drop shot rig. It didn’t take me long to figure it out and add the drop/power shot rig to my bassin’ tool kit as well!

Take a moment and listen to pro bass angler John Murray’s insight into when and how to fish the power shot rig!

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