Winter Bass Fishing Game Plan

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Bass fishing during the winter can be one of the most challenging experiences anglers face throughout the entire year…

winter bass fishing

Since bass are cold-blooded creatures, the temperature of the environment directly impacts their metabolism and typically limits feeding activity. Not only does the cold weather effect the bass, it also takes a toll on most bass anglers since the cold temperature requires dressing properly both for comfort as well as to remain alert when on the water!

The four considerations every winter-time bass angler needs to consider to increase success during each trip include:

  1. Layering of clothing and other safety factors;
  2. Identifying good winter fishing locations;
  3. Water temperature and its impact on bass activity;
  4. Lures and presentations that work.

The good folks at created a fantastic winter bass fishing infographic summarizing each of the four factors as provided below…

Source: Blog

Definitely some great information and things to keep in mind when planning your next winter bass fishing adventure…

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